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Swaziland_FlagAs I continue my search for the best and most unique ingredients to add to my country-inspired meatballs, I sometimes have to take a great deal of liberty.  I hope that it still retain the essence of flavors from that country, but ultimately the meatball is the thing.  So, with a hankering for some pasta and my homemade sauce, and somewhere in the “S” countries, I found a recipe for a traditional Babotie meatloaf that seemed to fit the bill.

Additions/Omissions:  The obvious omissions:  the baked meatloaf shape and the custard

Taste Test:  A good spiced meatball for any sauce or soup

Zip Facts about Swaziland:

  • Swaziland has two capitals, Mbabane, the administrative capital (Prime Minister Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini) and Lobamba, the royal capital (absolute monarch King Mswati III). The Great She-Elephant is the King’s mother.  The successor to the king must be right-handed and have no full brother
  • Although Swaziland is landlocked and almost completely surrounded by South Africa, it has abundant rivers and is well-watered
  • Lifespan is shortened to 45 due mainly to the spread of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland
  • Cattle, which signify wealth among the Swazi people, are kept in sacred enclosures inhabited by ancient ancestors
  • Swaziland has yet to win an Olympic medal although it has competed consistently from 1984-2008

Swazi Lucas_Mlambo_Nhlangano_Town_Mshengu_StLucas Mlambo, “Nhlangano Town Mshengu St”

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