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Zip Facts about Syria:

  • Damascus, the capital city of Syria, is the oldest continuously inhabited community in the world, for over four thousand years, and part of the Fertile Crest.  It was originally known as the city of Jasmine
  • It was on the road to this city that St. Paul had his vision which led to his conversion
  • A popular Syrian dish is tabbouleh, which is made from bulgur, tomato, onion, parsley, and mint
  • The Syrian goddess Atargatis became a mermaid after accidentally killing a shepherd she loved. This became one of the first stories of the half woman-half fish creatures
  • Pet hamsters are all descendants of the Golden (Syrian) hamster found there in 1930

Syria - fateh_moudarres_family_d5546347h (1)

Family – Fateh Moudarres (1922-1999)

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