My Global Food Challenge

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Taiwanese meatballs served with my recipe for pasta salad (Ronzoni Rotini).  See Tanzania post for the rationale for mixing cuisines.

Additions/Omissions:  I always take a bit of license with meatball recipes but hopefully preserve the flavors of the country’s cuisine.  I didn’t use an egg as I would normally do because there are some wet ingredients.   I omitted the cornstarch in favor of the breadcrumbs, shorted the brown sugar a tad, and since I made average sized meatballs, I did not use the presentation leaves (certainly would have been a much better presentation).

Taste Test:  Great, would definitely make them again.

Zip Facts about Taiwan:

  •  Taiwan is considered one of the “Four Asian Tigers” with South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore
  •  Taiwan was originally Formosa (beautiful island) as named by Portuguese sailors.  In Chinese, Taiwan means “terraced bay”.  The official language is Mandarin, but Fujianese and Hakka are the most spoken
  •  Taiwan is world famous for its films, which have a long history, and its award-winner director, Ang Lee
  •  In 2004, Taipei (the capital city) completed the 101 skyscaper, which was the world’s tallest building at the time
  •  The color white and the number 4 symbolize death, the color red is used for wedding ceremonies and monetary gifts are presented in red envelopes

Taiwan Drifting Bamboo

Drifting Bamboo (2012) – Suling Wang

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Taiwan stamp