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If you’ve seen one beef meatball, you’ve seen them all.  So I will just have to put them in different dishes.

However, you’ve probably not have tasted them all yet.  Here’s one with a cinnamon/coriander/turmeric combination.

Additions/Omissions:  Since I started writing about our dinner adventures, every time I have the hankering to have just pasta and my homemade sauce, I look for a recipe for meatballs that are different from my passed-down Italian recipe.

So I use my sauce and normally do not make the noodles or pasta called for in the recipe but substitute a Ronzoni/Barilla pasta and a similar gluten-free one.  In this case, I am not a fan of yogurt anyway, but it sounds like it would be delicious if I was.

Taste Test:  As you may already know, I prefer savory over sweet and while these are not sweet per se, I was not crazy about the cinnamon.  My family liked the taste but the texture was not the same as my meatballs.  I usually add an egg and at least some breadcrumbs to all meatball recipes and cook them for a long time in the sauce.  If I make them again, I would omit the cinnamon and add an egg, some breadcrumbs and cook in the sauce for a longer period.

Zip Facts about Tajikistan:

  • Tajikistan, the “Land of the Tajiks” and one of the smallest countries in central Asia is land locked and is mountainous and rocky in over 90% of its land mass
  • The Wakhan Corridor, or Wakhan Salient was one part of the “Silk Road”, a trade route between China and Europe, that passed through Tajikistan
  • Tajikistan broke from Uzbekistan, became independent in 1991, and moved toward a free market and democracy after its civil war ended in 1997
  • Although originally part of the Persian Empire, the Tajiks distinguish themselves from Iranians, but their culture is still Persian influenced and their language, Tajik, is a variety of the Persian language
  • There are still stories and sightings of the Yeti (Abominable Snowman) in the Pamir Mountains (he may be living with Rudolph)

Tajikistan image

Dastarkhan (2005) – Azam Atakhanov. Dastarkhan

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