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tasmania-flagOK again, not a country, it’s one of the Australian Islands.  Everything from Cape Grim sounded wonderful, including this steak and stout recipe, and who could resist the adorable Tasmanian devil.  

We don’t eat steak often but an occasional thick, tender, juicy, medium rare to rare steak with great spices in a marinade or rub is a welcome change from chicken.

Additions/Omissions:  Did not purchase Cape Grim rib eye cutlets but had a respectable rib eye substitute, used Guinness stout, and switched to turkey bacon.  

Taste Test:  I am not a fan of stout beer so I was not particularly fond of the potatoes, although my family liked them.  The only real complaint was the salt level was a little too high, it wasn’t the salt I added, but may have been the bacon and the stock cube used. A low sodium chicken broth may suffice here.  The steaks were exceptional.

Zip Facts about Tasmania:

  • The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii, which means flesh lover) is a carnivorous marsupial that got its reputation for its cranky behavior when disturbed.  If their ears turn from pink to red, it yawns, growls, or releases an odor, run (or don’t, but they do bite).  The Tasmanian Wolf/Tiger (Thylacine) has been extinct since 1936, a dog-like long-tailed marsupial with both male and females sporting a pouch (the male to protect his vital organs, and the female for carrying their young)
  • Tasmania has the purest water and air in the world, over 5 tons of water was exported to Seoul Korea as drinking water for the athletes during the Olympic games
  • The island is separated from Australia by the Bass Strait, it is the largest of the Australian islands, and ranked 26 in size in the world
  • Tassie was the home to Australia’s first legal casino and the oldest brewery in Australia
  • Tasmania houses 10,000 years old conifers, the largest lavender farm, and is the sole proprietor of the Huon pine tree, one of the oldest plants on the planet

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Untitled (Pink Cloud) – John Lendis

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