My Global Food Challenge

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Whenever I can use choose a recipe that calls for fresh garlic, that will always be my first choice.  Sometimes I add it to a recipe that does not specifically require it.  I am convinced there is enough research evidence to support its protective health benefits.  Besides the fact that I am Italian, and I really enjoy the flavor.

My family goes to the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in Saugerties, NY every year at the end of September where we eat everything garlic, including ice cream, and purchase different varieties of garlic, including German white and Italian red (which has an extra kick).  We use half of the bulbs to plant and half to use, so that we have plenty of garlic throughout the year.

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

Additions/Omissions:  Made a plain cornbread instead of mixture with puree and chicken stock, used chicken thighs and legs

Taste Test:  Great flavor, liked the thighs better than the legs for this dish

 Zip Facts about Togo:

  • Their exotic birds include drongos (a black, dive-bombing fork-tailed bird, or a slang word for stupid in common Australian dialect) and grebes (a freshwater, diving bird with lobed toes)
  • Their first Olympic medal was bronze for the K1 slalom kayak at Beijing in 2008
  • Ewe is the most common language and, in it, Togo means “house of sea”
  • The green stripes on the Togolese flag symbolizes hope and agriculture
  • 50% of the indigenous population of Togo believe in Animism where the spirit world and physical world are one and the same
togo - Azankpo-Collage-Pig-AZA05-A

Collage Untitled (2011) – Tété Camille Azankpo

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