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Zip Facts about Tunisia:

  • In the hilltop village of Sidi Bou Said, it is illegal to paint the exterior of buildings with any color except white (to reflect heat of the sun) with blue windows and doors (to ward off insects)
  • In Tunisia, name and nationality are not only passed down by the men to their children but can also be passed down by the women
  • While the fluctuating economy of Tunisia is based on market gardening, 40% of the land is covered by the Sahara Desert
  • In 2010, a young street vendor set himself on fire to protest government regulations.  This led to civil unrest and the ousting of the second president of the country and its first free election since its independence in 1956
  • The planet Tatooine of the Star Wars trilogy was filmed and is still preserved in Tunisia

Tunisia Artworks_004-405x405

Calligram on Parchment V (2007) – Nja Mahdaoui

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