My Global Food Challenge

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I wanted to use something other than beef for a change, so, in trying to buy lamb for this, there were only baby lamb chops and lamb bones available locally.  I chose the latter, hoping there was enough meat on the bones.

Additions/Omissions:  The spices I used were cumin and cayenne pepper to taste.  I also added more tomato paste (8 oz can) with a little water.  

Taste Test:  The taste was great, but it probably would have been just as good with a marbled cut of beef.

Zip Facts about Uzbekistan:

  • Uzbekistan shares one of the largest deserts in the world, Kyzylkum, with Kazakhstan
  • Bread (lipioshka) is never found upside down or placed on the ground, no matter what the container
  • There are two doubly landlocked countries in the world, Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein, which are surrounded by countries that are landlocked.  You would need to cross the borders of two countries to get to an ocean
  • There is a ban on all religions not approved by the state
  • Palov, a dish of rice and meat, and green tea are the national favorite foods

Uzbekistan - sittingonstone

Sitting on Stone – Timur Tsaku

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