My Global Food Challenge

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I prefer my meals to be savory and my desserts to be sweet and almost never the twain shall meet.  My son is not fond of desserts, so he also prefers savory over sweet for his meals.  My daughter and husband have no problems with mixing sweet, savory, etc.  This dish is nicely spiced, and a good mix of sweet and sour.

Additions/Omissions: Used dried dates, left out almonds, served over white rice.

Taste Test:  I really liked the combination of spices and and although I didn’t eat the fruit, it was  still a bit too sweet for me.  The rest of the family liked the balance of sweet and savory.

Zip Facts about Vietnam:

  • Annual love market, “Khau Vai”, is a place to find love, one night stands, or soul mates.  These tribes are considered the first “swingers”
  • “Ruou ran”, Vietnam’s Snake Wine, is rice wine with a floating dead snake.  It is used as an aphrodiasic, and for curing impotence
  • Although there is no official religion, there is a freedom to practice
  • There are many famous restaurants lining the Red River in Hanoi
  • Vietnam has an impressive film industry

Vietnam - lady

To Ngoc Van, 1906-1954
A Girl by Lilies, 1943
Oil on Canvas

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