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Western Sahara

Ok, it’s obviously not beef.  I had some extra chicken that I needed to use, and the spices and skewers seemed right for chicken.  It was a successful experiment.  The aroma and taste of the sambal olek was wonderful.

Additions/Omissions:  Chicken for beef.  I did not make the garlic and chives sauce ( I am not a fan of the first three ingredients), but as suggested, it seems like a great fusion recipe. 

Taste Test:  All of the ingredients in the kebab and sambal olek recipes worked very well with the chicken.  Great dish.

Zip Facts about Western Sahara:

  • The English pronunciation for the Arabic word for desert is Sahara
  • Not official country, legal status unresolved, former name is Spanish Sahara
  • Lack of enough rainfall for agriculture, almost entirely desert, sparsely inhabited
  • Phosphates are the major export, used mainly in fertilizers
  • Their coastal waters are very rich for fishing

Western Sahara - Cartel ARTifariti 2013 by Mohamed Sulaiman

ARTifariti 2013, “Intifada of Art”, poster design by Mohamed Sulaiman

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Sahara 1991 Fuji stamp