My Global Food Challenge

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Not to be contrary, but I started at Z.  I thought it would be a great jump start to go through a few letters quickly.  There are only two recognized countries that start with Z, only one now that begins with a Y (without Yugoslavia) and none with X (unless you count Xanadu :).

Getting into W, there seems to be some controversy over designation for Wales, Wallis and Fortuna, and Western Sahara.

About the photograph, although I am a photographer, I do mainly travel, events, and work with actors/performers.  I have never done food photography, and certainly appreciate those that do.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even take a snapshot of this meal and have to apologize for any of the food photos I may take in the future.

My family makes a herculean effort to eat together almost every night.  And considering that daylight is the best light for food photos, and we have never eaten before nightfall, despite the season in New York, I will barely get a flash photo on programmed mode before the food hits their plates.

Additions/Omissions:  no substitutions, served over white rice

Taste Test:  Delicious

Zip Facts about Zimbabwe:

  • Formerly Southern Rhodesia, new name means “great houses of stone”
  • Zimbabwe shares Victoria Falls (one of the seven natural wonders) with Zambia on their border
  • Their motto is “Unity, Freedom, Work”
  • Natural “sculptures” are granite “balancing rocks” found around their capital city, Harare
  • Country is on a raised plateau so its tropical climate is cooler than the countries bordering it

Zimbabwe Mundopa

Baby Talk 2 2014 – Wycliff Mundopa

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