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andorra-flagThis is one of the first times I have even thought to mix veal with chicken, I have mixed veal with beef many times before.  I do like to “marry” pastas on occasion, mixing sizes and textures, although I usually stick to the “rigati” (or lined) pastas.  I also don’t mix pasta and rice often, except to make a pilaf.  All in all, it was comfort food, lots of meat and vegetables for a two pot meal.

Additions/Omissions: no ham or pork

Taste Test: The stew was very good without the background of pork, but I am certain it would have been better with it.

Zip Facts about Andorra:

  • Andorra, bordered by France and Spain, is located in the Pyrenees Mountains. Because of this, its inhabitants have adapted a mountain society from its sociopolitical and economic movements to its urban rule, where 30% of all facades are to be constructed of stone masonry
  • The cultures of both countries have provided dualistic influences in many of the traditions and activities of the Andorran people, such as in language, public education, and currency (see French and Spanish Andorran stamps below). However, political and civil societies are trying to consolidate an Andorran national identity
  • The Andorran diet consists mainly of meat, fish and vegetables with popular winter dishes such as escudella (a stew of chicken and veal) and trinxat (potatoes and cabbage). The cuisine is predominantly Catalan
  • Andorra is one of the few countries in the world which boasts a 100% literacy rate
  • Andorra is a duty free zone, but without an airport. You can travel by plane to Barcelona, which is the nearest one

Andorra 97-ciutat flotan4Helena Guàrdia – “Proof of the existence of the floating city”  structure with photograph (2011)

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Taste Test:                                                                                                  

Zip Facts about Liechtenstein:

  • Liechtenstein (along with Uzbekistan) are the only countries to be doubly-landlocked, bordered on all sides by landlocked countries
  • Liechtenstein’s population is slightly more than 30,000, it has no army and about two dozen police officers
  • There is a semi-formal dining etiquette in Liechtenstein which includes dressing appropriately and arriving on time, bring a gift or bottle of wine, and if the guest of honor, be prepared to give a toast after the host. “Guten appetite!”
  • If you can’t cut the food with your fork which is preferred, keep your knife in your right hand and your fork in the left and place both in the 5:00 position on your plate when finished. Make sure to clean your plate
  • Liechtenstein was slow to give women the right to vote which didn’t happen until 1984

Liechtenstein DagmarDagmar Frick-Islitzer, “Silver Plum” (2010)

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