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Zip Facts about Nicaragua:
  • Baseball was more popular in Nicaragua than the current national sport of soccer around the mid-20th century
  • Nicaragua had the first democratic woman president of all of the democratic countries in the world, President Violeta Chamorro from 1991-1997
  • Gallopinto is the national dish of Nicaragua and corn is one of its staples and used with beans, chili pepper and cassava in many of their recipes
  • There are about 70 protected regions of Nicaragua to help safeguard some of its rare and endangered species including green and sea turtles, sloths, toucans, and manatees
  • The Nicaraguan address system is sometimes confusing to tourists, directions using reference points to major landmarks, multiple names for a single street intersection, or using upstairs for east and downstairs for west

Alejandro Arostegui  (22)Alejandro Arostegui