My Global Food Challenge

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Taste Test:

Zip Facts about Nigeria:

  • Most populous country in Africa at 140 million and has the highest rate of twin births in the world. The name Nigeria comes from the river Niger which is the longest and largest river in West Africa, and the third largest in Africa
  • The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, is the second largest movie producer just behind Bollywood, making up to 200 movies a week
  • A Nigerian man says the gift he gave to a woman came from his wife, mother, sister, or another woman, not from himself
  • A three digit code refers to meals in a day for Nigerians, “010” means lunch, but no breakfast or dinner, “101” refers to breakfast and dinner but no lunch,
  • The largest butterfly diversity in the world and the drill monkey, one of the most endangered mammals in Africa can be found in Nigeria


Sokari Douglas Camp – Cut Off Balls (2010 mixed media).  She is mainly known for her steel sculptures.

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