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Zip Facts about Timor-Leste: 

  •  In Southeast Asia, only two countries are predominantly Roman Catholic, Timor-Leste (originally East Timor) and Philippines
  • Two East Timorese activists shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 1996
  • The Island of Timor-Leste, meaning “east-east” in Indonesian/Portuguese,  is shaped like a crocodile, and legend has it, that it was formed in the image an aging crocodile that a boy nursed back to health and was given to his descendants
  • Poetry is tightly woven into the traditional fabric of Timor, the many poets include even the Prime Minister
  • The first University in East Timor was established under Indonesian rule in 1986, there was none previously under the Portuguese

Timor CASIMIRO-Coffee-2007-60-x-61cm-Mixed-Media-on-PlywoodCasimiro Valentim Pereira Zecaruno, “Coffee” (2007)

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Timor Leste