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Cuba (2)

Receta de Bistec Empanizado – Cuban breaded steak (Cuba)      

“If you’ve ever had deep-fried steak from an American restaurant, you will find Cuban breaded steaks to be a bit different. The popular bistec empanizado is marinated, coated in crushed crackers, and then pan-fried until golden.”

Yield:  4 Servings


4 sirloin steaks (1/4 inch thick)
1/2 cup onion, chopped
1 tbsp fresh garlic, minced
1/4 cup bitter orange juice
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 tsp salt
4 eggs, beaten well
1 cup finely ground crackers
salt to taste


In a shallow non-reactive dish, bowl, or container, sprinkle steaks with chopped onion, garlic, sour orange juice and salt. Rub garlic into meat. For best results, marinate in the refrigerator for an hour or two.

Before removing steaks from the fridge, beat eggs in a medium sized bowl. In a shallow bowl, mix the ground crackers with a few dashes of salt. To make coating the steaks easier, you can transfer the ground crackers to a plate.

Remove steaks from refrigerator. Brush off any excess onion and garlic pieces from the meat, and dip each steak into the beaten egg mixture. Make sure that each steak is fully coated. Then dip each steak into the ground crackers until the meat is completely covered on both sides.

Add the cooking oil to a large skillet and place over medium-high heat.  Once the oil is hot enough, fry the steaks until golden brown, about 2-4 minutes on each side depending on how rare or well-done you want them. Remove steaks from heat and serve hot.

Notes:  This recipe calls for bitter orange juice, sometimes called “sour” orange juice. You can usually find it sold as “naranja agria” marinade in bottles at most Hispanic grocery stores. It is also sold through online Latin food websites.  Real naranja agria works best, but if you can’t find any, you can use a half-and-half mix of orange and lime juices.

For the breading, most store-bought crackers should work fine. But if possible, use finely-ground Cuban-style crackers. Gilda, Rika, and Yeya are all popular brands of Cuban crackers made in Florida.  They’re harder to find in Latin grocery stores outside of areas with Cubans, but you can also buy them online.

Link to My Post on Cuba:

Cuisine:  Cuban

Main Ingredient:  Beef

Cuban Crushed Potatoes (Cuba)


8 medium new potatoes
1 small onion, minced
2 tablespoons parsley, chopped
1 tablespoon olive oil
Kosher salt
black pepper to taste


In a medium saucepan, cover potatoes with water. Salt lightly and bring to a simmer. Cook until just tender, 10 – 15 minutes. Drain. Preheat the broiler.

Spray a baking sheet lightly with non-stick cooking spray. Place 1 potato on a clean kitchen towel and fold towel over the potato. Press down on the potato firmly with the palm of your hand, crushing the potato lightly. Place the potato on the prepared baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining potatoes.

Brush the tops of the potatoes with oil. Broil until the tops are brown and crusty, 5-8 minutes. Sprinkle with onions, parsley, salt and pepper before serving.

Link to My Post on Cuba:

Cuisine:  Cuban

Main Ingredient:  Potato

File:Cuba in North America (-mini map -rivers).svg

One thought on “Cuba (2)

  1. one Cuban place in Manhattan stands out. Sophie’s. Great for lunch. They have 2 locations.
    I may post on my blog when i go back t.. so i can show photos.. 🙂

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