My Global Food Challenge


Kari poul (Seychelles)

Yields: 4 Servings


Soy sauce
Tomato sauce


Cut half a chicken into bits (pieces are cut smaller for curry than for soup).Add large amount of masala powder to chicken. Chop two potatoes and small onions into small pieces.Heat cooking oil in pot. Put potatoes and onions into hot oil. Add garlic and stir. Add soy sauce and stir; Add tomato sauce and stir.

Add the chicken which was smeared with masala and stir. Let cook for two to three minutes stirring constantly so that masala sticks to the chicken. Add two cups of water. Cover and boil until chicken is tender.

Add more garlic which has been pounded in a mortar [Note that if garlic is overcooked it loses its taste]. Add salt after 18 minutes and stir. After 24 minutes add more garlic and salt to taste.

Cook for about 6 more minutes and it is ready to eat.

Link to My Post on Seychelles:

Cuisine :   Seychellois     

Main Ingredient :   Chicken

File:Seychelles in Africa (-mini map -rivers).svg

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