My Global Food Challenge

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Taste Test:                                                                                                  
Zip Facts about Netherlands:
  • Wilhelmus, the Dutch national anthem, is the oldest in the world and the Netherland’s flag is the oldest tricolor flag
  • The Dutch, in general, are the tallest people in the world
  • The audio tape, the video tape, the Compact Disk, and the CD-ROM were all invented by the Dutch company, Philips
  • The longest running national airline in the world is KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Tulips did not originate in the Netherlands, but were imported from Turkey

netherlands AngelHenrik Moses, “Angel” (pencil drawing)

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Taste Test:                                                                                                  
Zip Facts about Nepal: 
  • The highest point on Earth is Mount Everest, known as Sagarmāthā in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet
  • It is the only country without a quadrilateral flag
  • Electricity in Nepal is on “load shedding”, a couple of hours in the morning and a few more at night
  • It is considered offensive to touch anything with your feet in Nepal, it seems as if that should be a rule everywhere
  • You may find a Baskin-Robbins in Nepal, but no Burger King or McDonald’s

Nepal Rippled Orchid

Rippled Orchid (2006) – Shashikala Tiwari

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Taste Test:                                                                                                  
Zip Facts about Nicaragua:
  • Baseball was more popular in Nicaragua than the current national sport of soccer around the mid-20th century
  • Nicaragua had the first democratic woman president of all of the democratic countries in the world, President Violeta Chamorro from 1991-1997
  • Gallopinto is the national dish of Nicaragua and corn is one of its staples and used with beans, chili pepper and cassava in many of their recipes
  • There are about 70 protected regions of Nicaragua to help safeguard some of its rare and endangered species including green and sea turtles, sloths, toucans, and manatees
  • The Nicaraguan address system is sometimes confusing to tourists, directions using reference points to major landmarks, multiple names for a single street intersection, or using upstairs for east and downstairs for west

Alejandro Arostegui  (22)Alejandro Arostegui

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New Zealand

Taste Test:                                                                                                  
Zip Facts about New Zealand:
  • There are nine times more sheep than humans in New Zealand, but there are no snakes
  • Bungee jumping originated in New Zealand, the first commercial event was in 1988 off the Queenstown Kawarau Bridge
  • New Zealand beat both the US and the UK with the right to vote for women in 1893
  • It takes only one day to open a business in New Zealand, compared to the US and Canada (5 days), France (7), Spain (23), and lastly Suriname (207)
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in New Zealand, along with other movies such as The Hobbit, District 9, What Dreams May Come, The Chronicles of Narnia, Whale Rider, and King Kong, to name a few

New Zealand cass1-300x235

Cass – Rita Angus

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Taste Test:                                                                                                  
Zip Facts about Morocco:
  • Every Friday in Morocco (‘Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribiya’ or “The Western Kingdom”), everyone eats couscous, the national dish
  • In Morocco, it is considered as impolite to refuse “meat” as it is to handle food with the left hand. Meals are served when seated on cushions around a low table
  • John the Baptist is said to be buried in the tomb of the Shrine of Sidi Yahya in Oujda city
  • The oldest degree-granting university in the world, Al Karaouine (al-Qarawiyyin) University was founded in 859 in Fez, Morocco by Fatima al-Fihri as a mosque for her community
  • Marrakech (“Land of God”) has traditionally served as a base for resting and supply of camel caravans. In the sixties, it became a key stop on the “hippy trail”

Morocco Image_050-2-410x410Ahlam Lemseffer – mixed media on board



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Taste Test:

Zip Facts about Nigeria:

  • Most populous country in Africa at 140 million and has the highest rate of twin births in the world. The name Nigeria comes from the river Niger which is the longest and largest river in West Africa, and the third largest in Africa
  • The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, is the second largest movie producer just behind Bollywood, making up to 200 movies a week
  • A Nigerian man says the gift he gave to a woman came from his wife, mother, sister, or another woman, not from himself
  • A three digit code refers to meals in a day for Nigerians, “010” means lunch, but no breakfast or dinner, “101” refers to breakfast and dinner but no lunch,
  • The largest butterfly diversity in the world and the drill monkey, one of the most endangered mammals in Africa can be found in Nigeria


Sokari Douglas Camp – Cut Off Balls (2010 mixed media).  She is mainly known for her steel sculptures.

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Taste Test:                                                                                                  
 Zip Facts about Norway:
  • Norway is one of the wealthiest countries, was rated the most peaceful country, and the Norwegians are said to read more than any other population in the world. Sounds a bit like Utopia
  • On the other hand, food prices are among the highest in the world, so many Norwegians cross the border into Sweden to buy groceries
  • The unofficial national dish of Norway is frozen pizza and Grandiosa is their favorite brand. Officially, Norwegians love lutefisk, a fish immersed in lye and rinsed in water
  • The Swedes and Norwegian people consider each other siblings, celebrating and jeering accordingly
  • Norwegians can give the New Yorkers’ reputation a run for their money.  In Norway, it is not considered rude to not say excuse me when you bump into someone, to not smile back, to not say thank you

Norway The_Scream_by_Edvard_Munch,_1893_-_NasjonalgallerietEdvard Munch, “The Scream” 1893,_1893_-_Nasjonalgalleriet.png