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Zip Facts about Laos:

  • Almost 60% of the population in Laos is ethnically Lao, although more ethnic Lao live in Thailand than in Laos. Most people in Laos live in rural villages centered around a temple
  • The original name of Laos was “Lang Sang” which means “the country of the million elephants and a white umbrella”
  • Laos is the only Southeast Asian country which is landlocked and has no navy, but does offer beach holidays on the shores of its large lakes
  • Sticky rice is the traditional staple food, which is usually eaten with fingers and dipped into fish or chili pastes. Laab is a popular dish of chopped meat and spices, eaten either raw or cooked. Rice whisky and rice beer are often consumed on special occasions, although foods do not usually have any special meanings
  • Women were granted full citizen rights and the right to vote in 1957

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