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New Zealand

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Zip Facts about New Zealand:
  • There are nine times more sheep than humans in New Zealand, but there are no snakes
  • Bungee jumping originated in New Zealand, the first commercial event was in 1988 off the Queenstown Kawarau Bridge
  • New Zealand beat both the US and the UK with the right to vote for women in 1893
  • It takes only one day to open a business in New Zealand, compared to the US and Canada (5 days), France (7), Spain (23), and lastly Suriname (207)
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in New Zealand, along with other movies such as The Hobbit, District 9, What Dreams May Come, The Chronicles of Narnia, Whale Rider, and King Kong, to name a few

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Cass – Rita Angus

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