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Saudi Arabia

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Zip Facts about Saudi Arabia:

  • Saudi Arabia is set to finish the world’s tallest building “Kingdom Tower” by 2018, which, at more than a kilometer, is at the limits of engineering
  • It is a capital offense to practice any magic or sorcery in Saudi Arabia, even the Harry Potter book series are banned
  • Traditional meals in Saudi Arabia were historically simple but currently have become more varied and elaborate. Rice, usually with chicken, has become the staple food, over dates, milk, camel, and goats. The national beverage is still light roasted Arabic coffee, with cardamom, no sugar
  • In Saudi Arabia, there is strict gender segregation which is sanctioned by society and by the state, men generally have more rights than women
  • Almost all adults marry as this is considered a necessary part of life, but divorce is common and much easier for men than women

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