My Global Food Challenge

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Zip Facts about Ghana:

  • Ghana was originally settled by Africans, but occupied by Europe from 1942. Rule wasn’t imposed until 1874 by Britain as they claimed the land strip that they named the Gold Coast.  Ghana was renamed and gained independence in 1957
  • According to the Global Peace index, Ghana is the most peaceful country in Africa and 40th in the world
  • The world’s largest artificial water body, Lake Volta, which covers 45% of the total land area, was created by the construction of a 370m wide X 124m tall dam at Akosombo in 1996
  • African batik was brought to Ghana from Indonesia by the Dutch. Indonesian batik is handwritten or painted manually, is usually limited to earth colors, and the motif is small and dainty.  African print is industrially printed with larger motifs in any color imaginable
  • As in Indonesia and other cultures, it is impolite to use the left hand for social interactions and eating, particularly because it is thought to be relegated to toilet-related activities

Ghana 9681732_6b066705a3Wisdom Kudowor, “Floral Arrangement”

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