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Equatorial Guinea

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Zip Facts about Equatorial Guinea:

  • Equatorial Guinea is the smallest country in Africa that is also a member of the United Nations, the country actually straddles the equator with the mainland to the north
  • The national symbol is the silk cotton tree, featured on the coat of arms of Equatorial Guinea, under which Spanish settlers and a native leader signed the first treaty
  • The coat of arms also contains six stars which represent the six major land areas, including Río Muni (or Mbini) on the mainland, and five islands: Bioko, Corisco, Great Elobey, Little Elobey, and Annobón.
  • To cleanse the community of evil, Bubi farmers still celebrate the ancient tradition of the abira, which includes music and dance, a pot of water at the entrance to the village and amulets placed outside the village for protection
  • The bride becomes part of the husband’s family after marriage, and a dowry is still given to the family of the bride

EG Leandro Mbomio Nsue - Oeuvre 1Don Leandro Mbomio Nsue (1938-2010), “Elat Ayong (Union del Pueblo)”

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