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antartica-flagOk, so today I took a break.  Antarctica is a continent and not considered a country per se, and since there are no permanent residents there, there is no national cuisine.  It is not to say that the temporary inhabitants don’t eat or eat well, but it is usually food imported in and representative more of their country of origin.  However, from the tine of the first explorers, there were two foods that provided sustenance under these extreme conditions, sledging biscuits and pemmican.  I have included a version of both recipes, but given the food observances and preferences of my family, we decided to eat out instead.

Additions/Omissions: Obviously, since I did not make anything, there is nothing to add or substitute.

Taste Test: Also there was nothing to taste

Zip Facts about Antarctica:

  • Antarctica was first sighted in 1820, bur was not explored until 1911 by the Norwegian Roald Amundsen
  • The Antarctic ice cap holds 70% of the Earth’s fresh water and 90% of its ice. There is very little precipitation, but because it is so cold (lowest recorded temperature was -128.6F), whatever falls does not melt
  • The seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere, winter (March – September) and summer (October – February). Below 60 degrees south, the sun sets in March and rises in October, providing one long night and one long day per year
  • Only 2% of the Antarctic continent is free of ice, it is where the plants, such as lichens, moss, and algae, can be found
  • There are about 21 species of penguin that reside in the southern hemisphere, but are outnumber by a variety of petrels, which include the albatrosses

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Link to Map:


One thought on “Antarctica

  1. I figured the indigenous food would be seal or blubber flavored shave ice!

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