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Zip Facts about Lesotho:

  • Lesotho (le-Soo-too), originally Basutoland, is often referred to as “The Kingdom in the Sky” and compared to Switzerland for its beautiful rugged mountainous terrain
  • Lesotho is the only independent state totally elevated above 4500 feet (highest low point in the world at 4593 ft)
  • The nation of Lesotho is very homogeneous in its ethnicity, its religion, and its culture, but despite these potentially unifying features, the national identity of this small country is influenced greatly by its dependence on its surrounding nations
  • Lesotho Brown, a 601 carat diamond was found in 1967 in the mountains by a Basuto woman. It has not been the only large diamond found there
  • Pap-pap, a cornmeal porridge, is a main staple of Basotho cuisine and it is usually accompanied by assorted vegetables. Cows may be sacrificed for ceremonial occasions, but local beers (joale) are served at more informal gatherings

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