My Global Food Challenge


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Taste Test:                                                                                                  

Zip Facts about Croatia:

  • The island of Brac supplied the Croatian stone that built the White House in Washington, DC
  • The Croats of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina say “Bog” for both hello and good-bye, the literal translation of which is “God”
  • The necktie, or cravat (which is derived from the word “Croat”, was invented in Croatia
  • Dalmatians, also known as the Dubrovnik hunter dog, originally came from the Dalmatian coast in Croatia
  • The voting age in Croatia is 16 for the employed and 18 for those without a job

Croatia 0449Milivoj Uzelac, “The Girl in the Boat” (1926/1927)

Link to Recipe:

Link to Map:


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