My Global Food Challenge

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Zip Facts about Tonga: 

  • Tonga comes from the word “Tongahahake”, or “the wind that blows from the Southeast”.  The Tongan inhabitants are Polynesian and live on only about 1/6 of its 176 “Friendly” islands
  • In Tonga, it is illegal to appear shirtless in public, even swimmers are fully clothed
  • Kava, an ancient ceremonial spicy “tea”, is commonly drunk by men before and after church on Sunday and after dark at kava clubs
  • Some women never leave the house except to go to church, they can never have custody of their own children or own land
  • If your oldest sister wants your child, you have to give it to her, if a women has a lot of sons and the family needs a daughter, the next boy is raised as a girl

Tonga between the lines II

Between the Lines II – Dagmar Dyck

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