My Global Food Challenge


Plov (Turkmenistan)

Yield: 6 Servings


At least 1 pound of carrots
1 head of garlic
4 medium yellow or white onions
1/2 lbs beef pounds of beef
Vegetable oil


Chop the onions, fairly small (but not minced).  Cut the carrots into slivers.  This can be time-consuming, because the slivers should be about 3 inches long and only 1/8 of an inch wide (no big chunks of carrot, just thin slices).

Cut the meat into 1 to 2-inch cubes. Turkmen use a heavy pot called a cazan.  Heat the oil in the pot, about 1 centimeter (almost 1/2 inch) deep. Drop one little piece of your chopped onion in the oil, and turn on the burner to medium. When the onion turns BLACK, remove it with a fork.

Add the meat and the whole garlic cloves. (Turkmen people often throw in the whole garlic head, skins and all).  Cook the meat & garlic until the meat starts to turn a nice “roasted”-looking brown, stirring occasionally ( about 7-8 minutes).

Add the onions to the meat and oil.  Cook 5-6 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add the carrots to the mixture and cook until tender, stirring occasionally. Add a couple teaspoons of salt, or add the salt later, to taste.  Traditionally, add rice and water into the pot with the meat (see alternative method).

Mix it well, cook rice until done, serve it hot.

Link to My Post on Turkmenistan:

Cuisine :   Turkmen    

Main Ingredient :   Beef

Alternative method:  

Cook rice separately, 2 dry cups should be sufficient. When the rice has finished cooking, add it to the meat/onions/carrots mixture in the big pot. Mix it well, and serve it hot.

File:Turkmenistan in Asia (-mini map -rivers).svg

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