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Zip Facts about Kiribati:

  • Kiribati, can be transliterated to “Gilberts”, which is the British colonial name as in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony. Inhabitants of Kiribati are sometimes referred to as I-Kiribati or I-Tungaru, the Kiribati name for the Gilbert Islands in Tungaru
  • Part of Micronesia, Kiribati is composed of 33 islands including the only real island of Banaba (Ocean Island) and three major atoll and reef chains, the western Tungaru, the Line Islands, and the Phoenix Islands
  • Not surprisingly, the primary food source is fish, supplemented with the hardy plants including coconut, swamp taro, native figs and breadfruit. The vitamin rich toddy or sap that comes from the coconut flower spathe makes sweet drinks or syrups, and can be soured or fermented for a variety of uses
  • Traditional culture still has women in subordinate roles, despite the democratic and egalitarian society in Kiribati. Women are usually in charge of domestic activities, may cultivate crops and sometimes fish and collect shellfish
  • There is a real threat of the country vanishing completely if overall global sea levels rise about two meters with appeals to Australia and New Zealand to take in the 105,500 refugees

Kiribati WhiteRobin White (b. new Zealand, worked in Kiribati for 17 years), “Michael is asleep on the bed” (1984), woodblock

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