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Sierra Leone


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 Zip Facts about Sierra Leone:

  • The  country’s name comes from the Portuguese “Serra Leao” which means Lion Mountain Range.  The capital city is Freetown, which historically served as a refuge for freed slaves
  • In 1972, the country made the world headlines when the world’s third-largest gem-quality diamond , called the “Star of Sierra Leone”, was discovered at Koidu, SL. The “Star of Sierra Leone” (now its value is about $ 3 million) is 968.8 carats
  • Peanut stew over rice is considered the national dish of Sierra Leone, Poyo (coconut palm wine) and ginger beer are popular alcoholic beverages
  • The logo of the national tourism slogan ” Visit Sierra Leone” sports the 200 year old Cotton Tree, which grows in the center of Freetown
  • Upon death of a male head of household, all, including multiple wives and children (if willing) go to eldest living brother or next to eldest living son

Sierra Leone HopeRichmond Garrick, “Hope”

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